Oral Spray XZ202-20-410

Oral Spray XZ202-20-410

Oral Spray  XZ202-20-410



Color:White sprayer | Clear Cap

Closure: Screw-on

Neck size: 20/410

Dosage: 0.05ml/0.1ml/0.14ml

Application: For oral/throat spray, buccal care treatment, propolis spray, liquid candy spray, anti hair-loss spray....etc.


1. 25 years in manufacturing sprayers
2. 30% Chinese market
3. 50% of Chinese top-100 pharma
4. Purification workshop of 10,000 level (not 100,000 level)
5. Packaging for GMP (ISO 15378)
6. Over 100 million of annual production
7. Own mould making
8. Strong R&D for special request