Welcome to Xinjitai Pte.LTD.(XJT)

We specialize in producing nasal/oral/topical sprayer with plastic HDPE/PET bottles for liquids since 1996.


XJT has its own mold manufacturing capabilities, as well as a strong R & D team, to meet the special needs of customers

50% of Chinese top-100 pharma

Production workshops and laboratories in line with international standards and specifications ensure the effectiveness and safety of products.

25 years in manufacturing sprayers

Continuously develop and improve the performance and quality of the sprayer, and have obtained a number of national patents and honorary certificates

Annual output exceeds 100 million pieces

The company has a 10,000-level pharmaceutical purification workshop, and the plastic products meet the requirements of GMP production and packaging for pharmaceuticals


is a global supplier of plastic sprayers and bottles suitable for packaging pharmaceuticals, food, personal care and cosmetics.

XJT Product Advantage

XJT specializes in plastic pharmaceutical sprayers. Benefiting from over 20 years of experience, XJT has the best technique and R&D ability in China. We are always trying our best to make safe, comfortable, and friendly delivery tools for mist type medicine. The key factors on quality mainly include pharmaceutical grade materials, leakage proof, dosage, atomization, and the stability of the above quality items as well.

XJT pays lots of attention to keeping consistence of each cavity of molds and controlling every detail from raw materials to production line and QC&QA. Now we proudly assure our extremely stable quality for each line and batch.


how we work

We look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with you.


line of production

We purchase qualified plastic materials from high-quality suppliers, use advanced production equipment and technology, as well as 100,000 purification workshop, for injection molding, assembly inspection, packaging and delivery, etc., to ensure product quality and hygiene.


management process

It is managed by ISO 15378 standard (quality management system standard for main packaging materials for pharmaceutical products), comprehensively monitoring and testing of raw materials, production process, finished products, etc., recording quality data and problems, and timely improvement and treatment.


sales process

Promote products through websites, exhibitions, advertisements, social media, etc., and conduct product consultation, quotation, negotiation, contract signing and other links through phone, email, online chat, etc., to establish stable cooperative relations with customers


service process

Receive customer service requests by phone, mail, online chat, etc., and reply to customers as soon as possible according to the urgency and difficulty of the request.

why choose us

We provide the best for you and your business!

♦  Strong R&D for special request.

♦  XJT has its own mold manufacturing capabilities and can provide strong          research and development support for customers' special needs.

♦  Purification workshop of 10,000 level (not 100,000 level).