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Xinjitai pte. ltd. (xjt)is a global supplier of plastic mist sprayers and bottles applicable in packaging pharmaceutical, food, personal care, and cosmetic products. xjt products have been exported to more than 30 countries in the range of North America, Europe, southeast Asia, etc.

Founded in 1996, the headquarter in China is a nationwide leading company manufacturing pharmaceutical mist sprayers under the approval by China food and drug administration (CFDA). XJT claims a 30% market share in supplying plastic packaging materials for CFDA-approved spray type of medicines due to stable partnerships with numerous Chinese pharmaceutical companies including almost half of top-100.

XJT’s plastic products meet the requirements of packaging for pharmaceutical GMP production because a purification workshop of pharmaceutical 10,000 grade has been built up. Long-term development leads to not only our rich experience in production and management but also well-trained employees. Every year XJT commissions the third party international testing authority such as SGS and Intertek to maximally satisfy our valued customers with best quality!

The main production equipment includes: 45 injection molding machines, 13 bottle blowing machines (7 injection blowing machines, 5 stretch blowing machines, 1 extrusion blowing machine), 22 assembly machines (10 imported machines, 12 domestic machines), 13 silk screen printing machines And nearly 30 sets of mold room processing equipment (imported and domestic): its production capacity will reach 200 million pharmaceutical spray pumps, 200 million plastic bottles, 300-500 million plastic caps, and laboratory and medical equipment consumables including reagent bottles , Reagent tubes, T-cups, reaction dishes, blood bottles, magnetic bead bottles, etc., can be mass-produced. In addition, we can also customize and develop product molds that customers need for production according to customer requirements.

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We will be the top supplier of plastic pharmaceutical sprayer in the world


We make innovative and high quality sprayers to meet the requirement of various spray medicines. We believe good manufacturers of sprayer packaging can lead to wider and more frequent usage of spray medicines. More importantly, the breakthrough in sprayer technology plays a catalytic role in directing the research and development of new spray medicines. We hope our professional in spray packaging will help your growth in spray type products.

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  • 1. 25 years in manufacturing sprayers
  • 2. 30% Chinese market
  • 3. 50% of Chinese top-100 pharma
  • 4. Purification workshop of 10,000 level (not 100,000 level)
  • 5. Packaging for GMP (ISO 15378)
  • 6. Over 100 million of annual production
  • 7. Own mould making
  • 8. Strong R&D for special request

XJT’s main market is pharmaceutical industry. Our facilities, production environment, certificates, etc. exactly meet the pharmaceutical requirements. On the other hand, due to our high quality, other industries such as food, personal care, and cosmetic also use reliable XJT products.

Because XJT already had a top market in China, we started to intentionally to develop international market from 2013. The milestone is setting up Singapore branch for international business. Now XJT successfully developed customers in many countries and regions.

The plant in Chongqing is XJT’s only manufacturing site now, because factroy in Shenzhen is terminated.
XJT Shenzhen company’s name has been changed to “Guangdong Xinjitai Sprayer & Pump Co., Ltd.”
XJT (China) new plant in Chongqing, China set up. All quality and management levels are highest in China.
XJT (China) shifted to a new plant containing a 1350 square meter of purification workshop in pharmaceutical 10,000 grade.
Good beginning! Financial statement of 2015 shows XJT (Singapore) doubles the annual international sales turnover.
XJT (Singapore) was set up in Singapore to expand the international market.
XJT (China) statics: claims a 30% market share in supplying plastic packaging materials for CFDA-approved spray type of medicines due to stable partnerships with numerous Chinese pharmaceutical companies including almost half of top-100. Annual capacity exceeds 100 million sprayers.
XJT (China) shifted to a new plant of 6850 square meter, containing a 1000 square meter of purification workshop in pharmaceutical 100,000 grade.
XJT headquarter and factory were founded in Shenzhen, China.